Our Certificates

We have a strict quality control process for responsible manufacturing.
With more than 20 years developments, we have achieved all necessary certificates required on market

Production Process Ensure 100% Quality Guarantee

Step 1

The order is 100% confirmed. and the order is ready for production.

Order Confimed

Including product detailed specifications, final price, payment & deposite, delivery time, packing all are confirmed. and we can final confirm the orders.

Step 2

In this step, we will do some necessary preparation before our production

Production Preparation

There are 2 things. First our R&D department has arrange the standard samples before mas production; second our purchasing department need to prepare raw material

Step 3

This step is very important for good quality, we need to do necessary inspections

Raw Material Inspection

Our warehouse will have a details inpection for 30% raw materials. And if it's not qualified and all the raw material will be returned

Step 4

In this step, we will arrange the production in our workshop. Meanwhile with inspections

Product Production

During the production in our workshop, there are inspection among all process of production, including prophase, middle-term & last-term

Step 5

In this step, the final products has been finished. and we are going to arrange packing

Product Packing

We are going to arrange the packing as customer requirements. Meanwhile till with QC inspections.

Step 6

In this step, the mas order has been finished and we are going to summit our orders.

Order Delivery

When all the order has been finished and we will inform our customer for final inspection & confirm.

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